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Through the API we are aiming to facilitate a new vision of integration. The future integration chain starts with your inspiration to connect people and devices.
To make integration truly seamless, Codit’s data must be connected to other mobility providers and services which customers use on their journey.

Build your solution around our data.

Our move beyond the traditional integration model enables you to co-create with us by using data sets from Codit and combining it with other offers along a new, visionary integration chain.
If you create solutions that make integration easier or more fun, we have 100 million partners who are your prospective customers.


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Check out the API Documentation that describes how to use the APIs and includes code samples.

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Latest news.

2016-12-01 - Don’t dump your internal data model on your clients. Work outside-in, design your API with the clients in mind. Build your server side API once and then tailor the API to different clients.
2016-03-10 - Git integration.